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        • บอลโลก กาตาร์

          New video underlines urgency of WCB reform

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        • Workers' compensation is broken

          Read injured workers' stories. Then join the ll for urgent change to WCB.

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        • Injured workers need action

          The Workers Deserve Better report lays out concrete changes needed to create a fair, accountable, and worker-centred compensation system.

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        Latest News

        Young workers will hold an overnight sit-in at a 24-hour convenience store in East Vancouver, pressing the provincial government to restore a law protecting convenience store and gas station employees who work alone at night.Event details:
        A new video launched on Injured Workers Day portrays the need for changes to BC’s Workers’ Compensation Board in stark terms.
        A new BC poll conducted by opinion research and communitions firm Stratcom for the BCFED shows an overwhelming majority of respondents support single-step union certifition.Seven in ten respondents (70%) agreed with the statement “If 55% or more employees in a workplace sign rds saying they...

        The BCFED and you

        • BCFED Health and Safety Centre

          The OH&S Centre n help meet your occupational health and safety training needs.

          Prevention Through Edution
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        • Good jobs are Green jobs

          The labour movement is essential to making the transition to a sustainable green economy.

          That's why the BCFED has partnered with the environmental movement to create Green Jobs BC.
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